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Hi and welcome, my name is Cor Visser-Marchant and I am a spiritual life coach, host and founder of Freedom Philosophy: an online spiritual community to help you connect with the Divine and find lasting inner peace, purpose and meaning through the application of ancient spiritual principles!


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Our Mission

free minds to find inner peace, purpose and meaning.

”it is one thing to act freely and rationally and another thing to act in true freedom and with true rationality.”
Emanuel Swedenborg


the scriptures and discover deep and profound spiritual meaning


Our wholistic spiritual philosophy is founded on the spiritual principles found in the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) and firmly grounded in the Ancient Sacred Scriptures. We honour the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and Creator, but believe the same Divine is expressed by many other names.

"Spiritual peace and enlightenment are achieved by accepting what is true and doing what is good, when heart and mind are in harmony." 

The Freedom Philosopher


lasting inner peace and a deep sense of purpose and meaning

We are your community!

  • Do you seek a meaningful relationship with the Divine Creator?
  • Are you looking to draw deeper spiritual truths from the Word?
  • Do you wish to discover a lasting sense of inner peace?
  • Are you looking for true purpose and meaning in life?
  • Are you willing to fully apply your spiritual beliefs to your daily life?

Then this is your community!

Be part of something bigger! Join our community of people committed to the inner spiritual work and support others doing the same. Share your spiritual journey towards peace and enlightenment.

Find coaching and mentoring for your inner spiritual work in a supportive, open and welcoming community of like-minded individuals from a variety of faith traditions. 

We are united in wanting to actively apply the spiritual principles of goodness and truth in all aspects of our personal lives and through it try to positively affect the lives of others.

Discover the ancient wisdom and spiritual tools holding the key to master your inner peace and find true meaning, purpose and happiness within an accepting spiritual family that understands your own unique journey and spiritual path.

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If you interested in a little more of the thought process that sits behind this community and the purpose for which is has been created, please watch the short video below.


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